The Earth Intelligence podcast series will tell the climate resilience and health of Earth systems story of the day, through deep-dive interviews, wonky explorations of science and policy, and also approachable personal stories of exploration, impact, community and solutions.

The Earth Intelligence podcast will begin recording during New York Climate Week, in September 2019, and will cover a wide range of climate-related issues, including:

  • Resilience intelligence and climate-smart finance
  • The emerging International Climate Dividend Alliance
  • Ocean-smart investment across the whole economy
  • Science for Justice, Innovation and Prosperity
  • Education, Communication and Outreach Stakeholders
  • Climate-smart asset building and soil ecology
  • State of the UN Climate Change Negotiations
  • Food-system transformation for planetary and human health

Earth Intelligence will also highlight meaningful and innovative work in film, science, journalism, communications, politics and diplomacy.

Episode 1

  1. Earth Intelligence
  2. Macrocritical Resilience
  3. Responsibility to Investigate and the Right to Know

From Iowa to the Arctic

  1. Earth systems, farming, and watersheds
  2. Northwest Passage: Entering a New Age of Exploration
  3. Mapping the regenerative economy

The Future of Finance

  1. The Climate-Smart Finance Opportunity
  2. Connecting Earth Science to Financial Information Flows
  3. XROI and SDG-aligned financial instruments

COP25: The Earth Systems COP

  1. What the science says and why that matters
  2. Stronger national economies aligned with climate, ocean and land science
  3. Knowing the terrain – Areas of action and innovation

2020 Vision

  1. All-systems upgrading
  2. Sustainable Food Finance innovation
  3. Energy horizons and the COP26 race to the top

Sustainable Food Finance

  1. A new landscape of opportunity
  2. Connecting human and planetary health
  3. Local financial innovation

Executive Producer

The Executive Producer of Earth Intelligence is Don Shelby.

Don is one of the most respected and decorated journalists in the United States. A veteran of 55 years of investigative reporting, he later used those skills in the field of climate change, science and the environment — investigating where no reporter had investigated before.

He has been awarded three national Emmys and two George Foster Peabodys (the broadcast equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize in Journalism).

Don is Geoversiv Senior Advisor for Science Communication and Journalism.

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  • During the COP25, the CCE / Engage4Climate delegation issued daily reports from the United Nations venue.
  • In 2020, we will formally launch the Earth Intelligence podcast, to bring leaders from all sectors into the climate-smart future conversation.
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