Podcast: Geoversiv Earth Intelligence is now live

The Geoversiv podcast Earth Intelligence is now live, and available on Buzzsprout, or from your favorite podcasting platform.

Earth Intelligence is your window into the frontier work of imagining, designing, forging, and securing a future of sustainable health and resilience, open to all.

Sun Tzu warned that we must know the terrain, in order to succeed against unforeseen threats and security risks. Science tells us that natural systems are being degraded by industrial disruption of the climate. Knowing the evolving state of Earth systems is now an operational imperative. Each episode of this podcast will take you inside Geoversiv’s action-oriented exploration of Earth Intelligence, Climate Resilience, Food Security and the economics of a future without pollution.

Legendary investigative journalist and long-time television news anchor Don Shelby is the host and executive producer of Geoversiv Earth Intelligence. The lead contributors are Myra Jackson and Joe Robertson.

Tune in, and spread the word. A better future is coming.

Climate Smart Finance – Episode 008 Geoversiv – Earth Intelligence

A discussion with Isobel Edwards on the infusion of trillions of dollars in capital into the markets though green bonds.  Money is made available to businesses demonstrating a dedication to resilience and climate friendly practices and operations.  It is all part of a changing economy based on development of businesses and organizations that work with Nature, and against climate change.
  1. Climate Smart Finance – Episode 008
  2. Climate Smart Food Systems-Episode 007
  3. Planetary Emergency-Episode 006
  4. US Election Debrief-Episode 005
  5. Why Democracy Matters – Episode 004

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