President Joseph Biden spent his first day following his inauguration writing 17 Executive Orders overturning many of Former President Donald Trump's anit-environment, anti-science dictates for the country.  In this News Brief #2 we deal with only one, the rejoining of the Paris Agreement and role of the US on the world stage combating climate change.  Analysis provided by Joseph Robertson. 
  1. News Brief #2
  2. Hope – Episode 13
  3. Aftermath- Democracy and Truth 012
  4. News Brief #1
  5. Rights of Nature pt.2. 011

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News & Reporting

News Brief: Biden answers ‘a cry for survival’

During his inaugural address, President Joe Biden said “A cry for survival comes from the planet itself, a cry that can’t be any more desperate or more clear.” On his first day in office, the new President signed a number of executive orders intended to answer that cry. In this news brief, we discuss President Biden’s […]

Biden Brings US Back to Paris

Shortly after arriving at the Oval Office, President Joe Biden signed a number of executive orders. The third of these restored the United States to the Paris Agreement. This recommitment to global climate action leadership is historic, necessary, and a great benefit to the US and the world. The climate crisis is complex, operates across […]

Inauguration Brief: The Poetry of Public Service

President Biden lays out the stakes & calls for a grieving, divided nation to work together, saying “My whole soul is in this.” After four years of chaos, corruption, lies, and ultimately an armed insurrection, people across the United States and around the world have been counting down the hours and minutes until the powers […]

Ep 13: Climate Hope

2021 will be defined by major challenges. While we work to emerge stronger and healthier from the COVID crisis, climate disruption is rushing ahead of our efforts to stop it. We must get control of the climate crisis. There are many signs of hope that the world has the potential to overwhelmingly accelerate climate action […]

Ep 12: Aftermath of Disinformation

On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, the United States Congress met in a Joint Session to count the Electoral College votes certified by the states, to finalize formal approval of the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the next President and Vice President of the United States. After attending a rally where Donald Trump […]


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