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Kathryn Kaiser and Clara Garner are high-achieving high school seniors with big college plans.  They are also inexhaustibly energetic in the youth movement designed to change adults' future-vision.  Organized under the ClimateGeneration mantle and the YEA program (Youth Environmental Activists), they meet, and often graciously confront, legislators, city council members and anyone who will listen to them.  Their message is simple:  We are here and you need to pay attention to us, because we will soon be voting.  The message, never spoken, is clear:  "Do the right thing when it comes to climate change laws, regulations and policy, or you won't be in office when we become adults.  You will be charmed by these two young women, and if you are like the hosts of this podcast, you will come away with a sense of peace and comfort knowing there are hundreds of thousands of young people like them who are willing to put it all on the line for what they know is their futures, currently in the hands of men and women who fail youth at their public peril. 
  1. Youth Activists -Episode 30
  2. Professor Nancy Maclean – Episode #29 The Koch Effect
  3. Susan Joy Hassol – The Common Language of Climate Change – 028
  4. Dr. Jessica Hellmann – Geoengineering Caution-027
  5. Dr. Edward Maibach – Communicating Climate -023- 4/16/21

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Food security is a bigger problem than you think

The World Food Programme is reporting:  “As many as 828 million people go to bed hungry every night, the number of those facing acute food insecurity has soared — from 135 million to 345 million — since 2019. A total of 50 million people in 45 countries are teetering on the edge of famine.” Meanwhile, the 2022 State of Food Security and Nutrition report—issued jointly […]

Integrative Geopolitics: Climate resilience in a COVID-changed world

This essay is adapted from a keynote address delivered on the 50th annual Earth Day — April 22, 2020—for Lehigh University’s Earth Week 2020 Celebration. The first thing we should note today is that we hoped in the spring of 2020 that the COVID-19 pandemic emergency would abate, but it has persisted now for two and a half […]

Webb reminds us: Cooperative science can solve big problems

Every successful venture in space is a hard won highly impressive technical achievement, but the James Webb Space Telescope and its successful observation of the deep universe is an accomplishment unlike any other. The telescope is the largest ever sent into space. Its giant primary mirror is 21.7 feet in diameter, with an area of 270 square […]

Early warning, crisis response & climate safety

The climate crisis is rapidly intensifying. The costs of climate impacts are adding up, much faster than reserve financial holdings are prepared to withstand. It is estimated unchecked climate change will cost $178 trillion in losses and opportunity costs over the next five decades.  In June, while the world debated how to respond to loss and damage from human-caused […]

Refuse to accept the unacceptable

Open societies of informed people empowered to cooperate are by far the best problem-solving tool we have. We need to make sure we are able to be that kind of society, because big challenges with existential stakes demand it. The World Food Programme is warning that 50 million people in 45 countries are on the brink […]


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