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Kathryn Kaiser and Clara Garner are high-achieving high school seniors with big college plans.  They are also inexhaustibly energetic in the youth movement designed to change adults' future-vision.  Organized under the ClimateGeneration mantle and the YEA program (Youth Environmental Activists), they meet, and often graciously confront, legislators, city council members and anyone who will listen to them.  Their message is simple:  We are here and you need to pay attention to us, because we will soon be voting.  The message, never spoken, is clear:  "Do the right thing when it comes to climate change laws, regulations and policy, or you won't be in office when we become adults.  You will be charmed by these two young women, and if you are like the hosts of this podcast, you will come away with a sense of peace and comfort knowing there are hundreds of thousands of young people like them who are willing to put it all on the line for what they know is their futures, currently in the hands of men and women who fail youth at their public peril. 
  1. Youth Activists -Episode 30
  2. Professor Nancy Maclean – Episode #29 The Koch Effect
  3. Susan Joy Hassol – The Common Language of Climate Change – 028
  4. Dr. Jessica Hellmann – Geoengineering Caution-027
  5. Dr. Edward Maibach – Communicating Climate -023- 4/16/21

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Remembering Challenger: science is hope

The astronauts who died aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger on January 28, 1986, sacrificed their lives to the pursuit of science, in service of our common need, our common mission—to access and understand our universe, to expand our capabilities, to inform the future with evidence and its forthright cooperative application. Christa McAuliffe celebrated the way in which…

Resilience Value will change how money works

Time is money. What we mean when we say that is there is value in having more time, more resources, more health and resilience, and delaying action when you have time to avoid terrible costs is unwise. The worsening risk of polycrisis—in which climate disruption, nature loss, biodiversity loss, water scarcity, food insecurity, and repeated unaffordable disasters compound and accelerate each other, and spur repeated waves…

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Imagine if every time you spent money in your daily life, you made it more likely another devastating coronavirus pandemic would emerge—shutting down society, destroying jobs, taking a shocking number of lives, and destabilizing international trade. Your spending would also degrade other nations’ capacity to respond to that next novel pathogen, once again exacerbating the future…

Geoversiv welcomes global pact with nature

Geoversiv welcomes the new pact with nature agreed by 190 nations in Montreal. We applaud the long hours and persistence through overtime negotiations of experts and diplomats working to reach the Agreement. Through the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework nations will, both internally and collectively:  In line with Resilience Intel’s work to envision and develop an…


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