Stand with Ukraine

Putin’s war in Ukraine is a crime against humanity. All nations have a responsibility to assist in defunding Putin’s regime.

As if to confess his treachery, Putin sent his UN ambassador to falsely claim there was no plan to invade Ukraine, at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, at the very time the invasion was initiated. The invasion Putin launched in that disgraceful moment is a violation of the United Nations Charter and a crime against humanity.

Even in the first hours of the attack, there have been allegations of deliberate war crimes, on top of the grave violation of international law that is the war itself. We call on all who can to gather and preserve evidence of atrocities committed and for the International Criminal Court to open an investigation into crimes committed through Putin’s chain of command.

No military order or instruction to any civilian authority that advances this illegal war can be considered lawful. Every act advancing Putin’s illegal war is a criminal act. The international community must come together to condemn this illegal war, and enact the most sweeping and severe sanctions ever brought against any regime. Any source of supply or revenue that allows Putin to carry on this illegal war must be cut off.

In spite of his disregard for international law, Mr. Putin has an irrevocable obligation to avoid any harm to civilians, to end his illegal invasion, and to demobilize all forces and weapons systems that have been positioned to make this attack possible.

All legitimate entities and institutions, including national governments and international bodies, should stand with Ukraine and act to curtail any flow of resources to the Putin regime.

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