Upgrading Earth Intelligence: COP25 Week 1 Press Conference

Over the next year, all nations must upgrade their national climate action strategies (NDCs). The COP25 will lay the foundation for that work. CCE presents a view of Week 1, along with 5 high-value strategies for upgrading (and mobilizing) national plans for a climate-smart future.

Civics, signals, finance, and nature to protect ice, watersheds, and the ocean.

The Carbon Budget — our collective remaining allowance of greenhouse gas pollution — is rapidly declining. Geophysical disruptions are intensifying, and climate disruption is threatening wildlife, food and water supplies, and hundreds of millions of people. Drivers of that decline are:

  1. Time passing
  2. Ongoing emissions
  3. Ongoing global heating
  4. Cryosphere science showing permafrost melt will emit enough greenhouse gases to remove nearly 1/3 of our remaining carbon budget.

All nations must upgrade their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) by November 2020, when the COP26 opens. This mandate is not only embedded in the Paris Agreement, and in line with the Convention’s mandate “to prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system”; it is also a geophysical imperative.

$5.48 trillion in climate-smart finance is already committed, across five broad sectors. The sometimes unspoken but always operative question in every negotiating room is:

How can we craft the optimal Rulebook to speed the mobilization of trillions of dollars in climate-smart finance—while ensuring environmental integrity, no double counting, unprecedented innovation, and just and sustainable development?

We will outline in this press conference a series of high-value actions nations (and stakeholders) can take to substantially upgrade and accelerate overall climate action, while building stronger, more resilient, fairer economies.

Our COP25 agenda focuses on 5 levers of change:

    Public participation
    Carbon dividends
    Climate-smart finance
    Ocean and watersheds (and the cryosphere)
    Nature-based solutions

Each of these has the power to categorically upgrade the ambition of national climate action plans. The COP25 sets the stage for a year of active, multi-level upgrading of NDCs, which will create unprecedented opportunities for transformational green finance.

Join us at 10:30 am CET at the COP25 negotiating venue, in the Press Briefing Room Mocha in Hall 4, or view live online at: https://unfccc-cop25.streamworld.de/upcoming

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