Ocean Health & Resilience Program

In 2017, we launched the Ocean Neutrality Initiative, as part of our voluntary commitment to ocean stewardship, made as a contribution to the UN Ocean Conference.

We are now integrating our ocean-related programs into an Ocean Health and Resilience program, intended to follow through on the full range of our ocean stewardship commitments, and also track progress in related areas, through other initiatives.

Geoversiv supports the Acceleration Dialogues, through substantive contributions and content programming, as well as the Dialogues’ primary action outcome: Resilience Intel.

On March 27, as part of Monaco Ocean Week 2019, Acceleration Dialogues partners will co-convene a dialogue on Accelerating Ocean Sustainability Upstream.

To achieve a high-value blue economy—where ocean health and resilience are routinely valued, safeguarded, and expanded—we must begin to move investments in agriculture, construction, energy, industry, infrastructure, and transport, to support innovations that reduce pollution and harm to downstream waters, and so will provide for a healthier ecological relationship between human activity and ocean outcomes.

Investigating Ocean Neutrality

The Ocean Neutrality Initiative is a coordinated collaborative process of inquiry, which aims to identify the core challenges, major areas of action, and the emerging science, innovation, and solutions, that together define the work of achieving an ocean neutral standard.

Ocean neutrality requires unprecedented progress toward a number of overwhelmingly complex challenges, whose interactions with everyday human activity mean they cannot be solved in just one place or by just one kind of action.

Most of these zero goals don’t allow for a “net zero” substitute:

  1. No plastic waste.
  2. No ocean acidification.
  3. No thermal expansion.
  4. No sea level rise.
  5. No disruption of ocean currents.
  6. No chemical agricultural runoff.
  7. No coral bleaching.
  8. No sonic trauma.
  9. No accelerated extinction.
  10. No sea-floor methane disruption.

We have launched the Ocean Neutrality Brief on Flipboard, and will be reporting on Ocean Health and Resilience here at Geoversiv.net

Resilience Intel

Resilience Intel is a collaborative effort to network Earth science insights to socio-economic data, supply-chain management and sustainable innovations, and financial information platforms used by decision-makers in the public and private sectors.

The core mission of Resilience Intel is to:

  • Aggregate climate-smart finance across all categories,
  • Assess macro-critical resilience value of any kind of spending or investment,
  • Network Earth science insights to finance, and
  • Catalyze investments in all related areas of sustainable investment.

Ocean health and resilience is a critical area of external return on investment for upstream activities, and so Geoversiv is working to identify specific connections to resilience intelligence more broadly.

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