ACCESS to GOOD Stocktake at the World Bank

ACCESS to GOOD is a collaborative information-sharing initiative, combining two ways of tracking human progress and everyday sustainability. ACCESS traces progress in relation to the Paris Agreement, on climate, energy, sustenance, and security. GOOD traces trends and relational dynamics in the work of building sustained and locally rooted economic value at the human scale.

A partnership for fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals, it is open to new and emerging partners and collaborators.

The session on Thursday, October 6, is an open discussion with partners and with civil society contributors, stakeholders, and peers, in a conference-table format, focused on the development and design of the worldwide information-sharing and ground-truthing collaboration ACCESS to GOOD.

The discussion will feature, listed alphabetically by last name:

  • Tom Armstrong — President, Madison River Group; Geoversiv Senior Advisor for Public-Private Partnerships.
  • Susanna Cafaro — Professor of International Law, University of Salento; leading expert in Supranational Democracy.
  • Myra Jackson — UN Permanent Representative on Climate Change; Diplomat of the Biosphere; Geoversiv Senior Advisor for Whole Earth Civics.
  • Anoop Poonia — Policy Coordinator, International Financial Flows, Climate Action Network International.
  • Joseph Robertson — Global Strategy Director, Citizens’ Climate Lobby; Founder and President, Geoversiv Foundation; session moderator.

This stocktaking discussion aims to:

  1. Provide stakeholders and thought-leaders an opportunity to share their main interests and concerns related to integrated network to network collaboration on human development, climate action, and global civics.
  2. Invite participants to assist in the design of an action-oriented results-driven expansion of the global civic space through networked local engagement, by way of the ACCESS to GOOD Project.

The major priorities about which the ACCESS to GOOD global collaborative information-sharing process aims to add insight and advance action are:

  • Expansion of locally rooted generative economic value.
  • Transition to climate-smart investment priorities.
  • Building of macro-critical climate resilience.
  • Progress on Paris climate contributions and the SDGs.
  • Fast-paced business-model innovation, toward a new paradigm that builds quality of life at the human scale.
  • Elimination of climate-forcing fuels from the day to day economy.

The ACCESS to GOOD Project aims to empower people and institutions to play a role in this work, by bridging the often distinct interests of technical decision-making, political leadership, scientific exploration and discovery, innovation, community-building, and finance. What is missing from this landscape of planning and action, too often, is robust, locally rooted, globally open civics, so we invite citizens and stakeholders to play a leading role in this work.

Key questions we will explore at the table:

  • How can we best mobilize citizen participation in global policy?
  • What is the effect of adding non-experts to highly technical negotiations?
  • What is the role of always-active local, grassroots monitoring, reporting and verification for ground-truthing global policy?
  • How can we use the Sustainable Development Goals and Nationally Determined Contributions to the Paris Agreement to map progress on human development and stewardship of Earth systems?
  • What capabilities do you see as central to an integrated project of global innovation?
  • How should this translate into life at the human scale?

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