The Climate Opportunity Report

The first high-level dialogue in the series Accelerating Progress, Advancing Innovation identified key areas of action and emerging pools of demand that make action to counter the “inconvenient truth” of global climate disruption “a convenient opportunity”. Outlined in a detailed 4-page brief, the Climate Opportunity connects to many of the planning, building, transportation, and macroeconomic particulars we live with and leverage day to day.

Evaluation of the economic and investment opportunities inherent in climate action has taken many forms, including examination of the costs of inaction (Risky Business), examination of the costs and benefits of embracing the New Climate Economy, assessment of the braking effect of carbon assets on investments (Carbon Delta), and the prospect of trillions of dollars in entrepreneurial climate wealth.

This report does not attempt to replace or supercede them, but to provide instead an ongoing collaborative platform for providing context and actionable priorities in relation to those findings. Drawing from and feeding into the ACCESS to GOOD Report, the work of partners like Carbon Delta, deliberations of the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, and integrating the views, needs, capacities, and innovations of the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network, across the world, the Climate Opportunity Report will provide a lens through which to gauge progress on delivering these known opportunities to communities, markets, and nations.



November 16, 2017

The inaugural Climate Opportunity Brief is comprised of four key reports and outcomes:

Tracking Climate Opportunity Signals Year-round

November 4, 2017

The Signals Brief — launched by and now integrated into — will function as a running list of climate-opportunity signals, which presage (and push) more widespread market shifts. Get the latest news on carbon pricing policies, climate finance, climate change impacts, disaster risk reduction measures, disaster relief, and resilience planning, at


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