Full-spectrum Sustainable Transformation (FSST) Projects

(Long-term Comprehensive Re-envisioning)

This level of consultation has no set number of hours or days, as it aims to set in motion a transformational overhaul of operational systems, to achieve full-spectrum sustainable operational dynamics, within your institution or organization. The insights from the Future Energy and the GOOD SENSE advisory and training workshops form the foundation for an integrated approach to re-envisioning the overriding systems dynamics of your organization.

This consultancy will connect you to methods, practices and providers, which can allow for the redesign of your infrastructure, in ways that not only establish steadily mounting environmental sustainability, but also significant savings in energy spending, and in opportunity costs not lost to inefficiency, overlap or counterproductive institutional habits.

The central goals of our FSST projects are:

  1. To educate key decision-makers, planners and partners
  2. To establish informational assets that will help drive FSST efficiently
  3. To move your actual operations and energy use toward full-spectrum net-zero impact steadily, affordably, and in a way that steadily accelerates
  4. To achieve new efficiencies that ultimately save a significant portion of your spending
  5. To help you establish networked efficiencies that build critical mass and speed the establishment of clean energy, energy efficiency, and FSST as common practice

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