GOOD SENSE Energy Investment & Operational Leadership Sessions

(Five 2-hour Workshop Sessions)

This five-part workshop series is designed to enable an operational framework upgrade, to help your university, institution or enterprise transition to an operational structure that lines up with and takes advantage of vast efficiencies built into nature’s way of using and distributing energy.

GOOD and SENSE are acronyms describing two crucial innovations in thinking about economic analysis at the human scale and operational strategy in line with the Earth’s climate-energy balance.

During five 2-hour sessions, we will explore in depth the applications of GOOD SENSE energy and resource use, to reframe your institution’s budget outlook, overall productive capacity and social reach, to establish a leadership position in the global economic and energy-use transition.

Building on this operational framework upgrade will allow your institution to invest more efficiently and reduce costs for energy dramatically over just the first few years, eventually establishing a new paradigm where your energy use and operations are part of a wider fabric of generative investment opportunities.

What used to be significant costs could turn to reliable revenue. [Learn more here…]

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