We know how to solve the climate crisis

While vested interests push risky schemes like the Keystone XL pipeline, which will gravely exacerbate the climate destabilization we already face, global human industry has now pushed atmospheric CO2 concentrations to 400 ppm, 50% above the norm for almost all of the history of our species.

We need to change course and organize our relationship to Earth’s life support systems more intelligently. We not only know how to do set in motion this global transition; we know how to do it affordably, with no cost to taxpayers, no expansion of government, and a vast expansion of private capital investment in middle-class job creation and new technologies.

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Many believe that even after we cease all carbon-dioxide emissions from human activity, we will still need to “pull CO2 out” of Earth’s atmosphere, and “sink” it back to natural dormancy in various ways. One of these is the proposed solidification of carbon molecules, chemically transitioning them from a gaseous to a mineral state, such as coal. It may eventually be possible to use the same type of process to create carbon-based materials from atmosphere-extracted CO2.

Whether we get there or not depends on whether we correct the market failure to move capital optimally through real cyclical energy flows—whether we price carbon and more efficient energy stores accurately.

Citizens Climate Lobby volunteers from across North America will be gathering in Washington, DC, from June 23, through June 28, to meet with elected officials and their staff in both major parties in both houses of Congress. For the second consecutive year, they will meet with or deliver materials to every legislative office in the House and Senate.

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