Joseph Robertson

Joseph Robertson

Joseph Robertson is Executive Director of Citizens’ Climate International (CCI) and Senior Advisor for Sustainable Finance, for the EAT Foundation. He is a member of the Secretariat of the Good Food Finance Network and serves in the Advisory Group for the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition.

He is the founder of Geoversiv and a core contributor to the Earth Intelligence podcast. He has published articles on climate-related finance, activism, cooperative innovation, and economic reform, in the Guardian.

He publishes a free newsletter at

From April through November 2020, he served as Interim Director for the Food System Economics Commission. From January 2014 through January 2020, he was Global Strategy Director for CCI sister Citizens’ Climate Education, responsible for international programs and empowerment of Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteer chapters around the world.

In that capacity, he initiated the Pathway to Paris project, which published the PARIS Principles for effective, efficient, equitable carbon pricing and led to the creation of the Engage4Climate Toolkit for local stakeholder meetings.

Joseph is the lead strategist supporting the Acceleration Dialogues (diplomatic climate-solutions roundtables) and Resilience Intel (an effort to move the world to 100% climate-smart finance). As Citizens’ Climate International Director, he has the privilege of representing 200,000 citizen stakeholders from 75 countries in the United Nations Climate Change negotiations, and other U.N. processes.

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