Jessica Wolff

Jessica Wolff
Senior Advisor for Generative Design

As Senior Advisor for Generative Design, Jessica Wolff brings her wealth of professional experience and creative talents to the job of ensuring that the Geoversiv Foundation’s collaborations, projects, and long-term action initiatives, are informed by policy-driven design thinking and communications that make complex and innovative ideas tangible to lay people and end-users.

Jessica brings to the life of Geoversiv an operational understanding of how design impacts the human experience of landscape—not only in the aesthetic sense, but in the deep sense of how design elements drive what kind of leverage and opportunities are both physically and metaphysically available to people who use a given space. She sees the whole landscape, and works to ensure the most complex ideas, untamed data, paradigm-shift concepts, and cutting-edge design projections, are comprehensible to people everywhere.

Generative design means thinking through the life of a place, its spatial composition, its inner life, its public life, its contribution to human dignity and potential. It means designing for a future where we expand the vital resources we consume, instead of depleting them.

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