Geoversiv Action Funds

The Geoversiv Foundation exists to support and empower innovative projects oriented toward achieving social good—through promotion of:

  1. climate solutions,
  2. clean energy innovation and deployment,
  3. responsible enterprise,
  4. education,
  5. peacebuilding, and
  6. expansion of the civic space.

In service of that work, in support of catalytic idea-sharing, field-work, and innovation, and in support of people and organizations of good will that face decisions between action and inaction, due to momentary funding challenges, we will be building a number of targeted Action Funds.

The first round of Geoversiv Action Funds will be:

  • The Geoversiv Climate Fund
  • The Geoversiv Peace Fund
  • The Geoversiv Civics Fund
  • The Geoversiv Education Fund

Each will be designed to focus needed funding on activities with a particular catalytic potential to improve conditions and support success in solving challenges related to the core aim—climate, peace, civics, or education—as a general social good.

Each fund will work toward empowering individuals and organizations, but also favor innovation with a particular capability to add value to known best practices, so that success on one project can be translated into success across a much wider landscape of human activity.

The preliminary timeline for activating these funding initiatives will be July 2019. Until then, we will be working with partners to design and build these funds, along with the structure for managing and directing the programming for each.

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