Sun Tzu warned that we must know the terrain, in order to succeed against unforeseen threats and security risks. Science tells us that natural systems are being degraded by industrial disruption of the climate. Knowing the evolving state of Earth systems is now an operational imperative.

Earth Intelligence is a collaborative effort to tell the most complex and important story of our times—the unprecedented ethical, cultural, political, and technical challenge of transcending the human disruption of Earth systems. With that unprecedented challenge comes the question of whether we can achieve operational resilience and inclusive, sustainable prosperity.

Earth Intelligence is:

  • a news portal,
  • a convening space, and
  • a podcast outlining the breakthrough innovations and leading-edge science that are helping to understand and to heal our relationship to the one planet we can call home.

This is about much more than a wonky exploration of “macro-critical forces” that shape living conditions and whole economies. It is more than a wish for a climate-smart future. Our purpose is to anchor a suite of projects, networks, tools and services, designed to bring all of us into a future in which we no longer abuse and degrade natural systems in service of an ill-conceived half-picture of prosperity. Among these:

We will feature thought leaders, innovators, scientists, and stakeholders, taking care always to provide an honest accounting of the urgency of the challenge and the unprecedented opportunities for building resilience to improve the human condition.

Our mission is to deliver real news about the living world.

Earth Intelligence is a project of Geoversiv, in collaboration with:

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